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Customer Reviews

Our Service Is as Sweet as Can ‘Bee’!

We put the “bee” in un”bee”lievable care! Need proof? Go ahead and check out our customer reviews!


After a thorough review, we chose Bee Right There to install and maintain our heat pump system. They replaced our old electric service and all ducting, as well. Everything works perfectly. We got our first regular service appointment this morning. The two techs, Mark and Joseph could not have been more professional and informative. They taught me about things I did not know about, and made notes for future services.


I want to thank your office staff for responding so quickly and listening to my problem! Thank you, Christopher, for educating me on my thermostat. Patient, kind, professional. I can’t recommend Bee Right There enough! They are always prompt and highly skilled.


Bee Right There — It’s all in the name! Whenever I have needed service at my home or rental, they have been able to schedule me next day or even same day. The technicians who come out are knowledgeable, friendly and quick. The office staff is superb. They are our go-to for heating repairs.


We recently purchased our home and had issues with the thermostat. Marc did an excellent job of educating us on thermostats and made a recommendation which we went with. He checked out our entire system and then installed the new thermostat and helped us get it all set up! Great tech, great person and great company!


Maverick is the personification of integrity. He climbed up in the attic, took one look at my unit, took into account information that I gave him about the capacitor I had replaced, and stuck his finger in there and tripped one switch, and the system was working perfectly. He briefly explored the possibilities of a bad control board quickly realized that was not the case. He was incredibly professional. He was a breath of fresh air after other repair people I’ve had in the recent past, who were so clearly trying to sell me a new heater that you could almost taste it in your mouth!. Thanks again to Travis for making my day. a warm and cozy evening as well. Thank you so much.


Daniel Showed up on time as scheduled and I received a call 45 minutes prior to his arrival letting me know he would be at my house soon. He arrived very friendly knowledgeable, honest and helpful. I highly recommend this company