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How Often Does Your Air Conditioner Unit Need a Tune-Up?

How Often Does Your Air Conditioner Unit Need a Tune-Up?

Almost every household in the United States relies on an air conditioner during the summer, as the well being and comfort of your family depends on it. If you reside in Atascadero or the surrounding areas, You should opt for an on-time AC tune-up service for your unit. The more you are careful about it, the better service your AC will provide you.

The Frequency At Which AC Tune-Up is Necessary

Our AC professionals suggest every homeowner ensure their air conditioner’s efficiency through proper care, and in this matter, you should service your system every year in early to mid-spring. You should consult our expert service provider to schedule a tune-up of your AC. Below are mentioned some signs that a tune-up is long overdue:

  • Low Airflow: When you ignore essential tune-ups consistently, the AC will fail to provide efficient airflow through the ducts. As a result, the temperature remains warm inside your house, and you start feeling uncomfortable.
  • Excessive Utility Bill: The utility bill is one thing that worries every homeowner during the summer season. Our professionals believe if the AC system remains in proper working condition, you don’t have to worry about the energy bill. If the system is working with issues it is imperative that you get the assistance of a professional to look into the matter. Get in touch with us for AC tune-up service in Paso Robles if you are looking for a professional service provider.
  • Frequent Repair Work: An air conditioner system that requires multiple repair services throughout its lifetime, happens when the system contains several tiny problems that were never attended to earlier. Only a comprehensive AC service is the only solution to this problem.
  • Poor Quality Indoor Air: When you turn on the AC in warm weather, the windows and doors remain shut. In such a condition, the indoor air should be cool and comfortable. However, if the indoor air quality starts decreasing, you shouldn’t wait anymore and call us for immediate support.
  • Weird Noises From The System: If the air conditioning system starts making unknown noises like clanking, banging, whooshing, rattling, etc., it is time to call us for maintenance service. Let our technicians determine the problems and solve them as early as possible.
    1. Inspect the system thoroughly; find the problems one by one.
    2. Once the problems are found, our technicians will start working towards solving them.
    3. They will start by cleaning every part of the system – filters, blower motor and fan, compressor, indoor and outdoor unit, ducts, and other.
    4. They will even replace the parts that are beyond repair.
    5. The tune-up service will be complete with a final test run on the system.


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